About Company

A/S “Jelgavas Masinbuves rupnica”, Jelgava Engineering Plant Co., has a 50 years work experience in production of lubricating and brakes equipment. It has accreditated trial laboratory,certificated production according to the GOST R 9001-2001. The plant is producing the groups of lubricating and pneumatic equipment, and also certificated brakes equipment.

Production programm includes also:

    • since 1960 of block brakes with electromagnet and elektrohydraulic drivers for lifting and conveying machines
      Lubricating equipment and brakes are designed for metallurgy, mining, heavy machinery as well as can be used in construction and power industry;
    • in July 1996 the plant was denationalized and now the owner of 70% of shares is the company "MADARA Ltd", which produces metal boxes incl. wire net box pallets acc.
      UIC norm sinces 1992;
    • since 1997 the company is manufacturing three-axle semi-trailers and container chasis with a reinforced suspension;
    • concrete mixers, bench tools and assembly devices;
    • since 1999 - fence sections, gates, mobile fences;
    • since 2000 - agricultural technique for dropping transportation;
    • since 2001 - drum brakes TBP and disc brakes TDE